Behind the Scenes of My 30-Day Detox and What it Did For My Business

buisness garden home style Oct 27, 2020

Working from home as an Entrepreneur is amazingly freeing, but we all know that if you are not careful you could put on some unwanted weight - pretty quickly.

Sitting in front of the computer for hours, munching on crackers and sugary treats, reading your favorite novels in between client calls; for some, envisioning this might make you feel stir crazy, but for a quiet somewhat introverted gal like me, these last few years have been HEAVEN.


the unfortunate side is that all that goodness resulted in my gaining 15+ lbs over the last few years - which was on top of the weight I already had to lose (see pic below) and with the rise of Live Video, my confidence started to wain - which was not a good sign for my business or my bank account.


(Can you relate?)

...So I took action, and what I experienced brought me more benefits than just shedding a few pounds.

My experience might benefit you if you are a fellow woman entrepreneur who feels like...


What's for Dinner?

home Oct 27, 2020

Winter on the east coast this year has been particularly challenging for me. We have had so much snow and cold air that traveling to warmer climates has been one of my top priorities.  However, after a trip to the Cayman Islands and then to Dallas, Texas, being home in my kitchen has started to feel good again.

Ahhh the ups and down of life!

Perhaps it is because we just experienced a hint of sunshine and with the birds chirping in the morning, I know that Spring is near. What better way to celebrate the in coming warm air than with a roasted Spring chicken for dinner!

Slow food and getting creative in the kitchen has been a great outlet and reminder of the freedom being in business can bring. When I was stuck in my ambition, I barely made time for a meal and making one from scratch was unheard of.

As you might imagine, this was my first time making a whole chicken, and somehow it turned out wonderful. Moist on the inside, crisp on the outside and a lovely way to end a busy...


Boulangeries, Paris Dreams and Baking Bread

buisness home Oct 27, 2020

I guess I should have brushed up a bit more on my French before committing to travel around France.

My husband and I stood underneath a beautiful building ledge in Paris to shield us from the unexpected rain, when a group of Parisian women with aprons on stepped out of their bakery and started shouting at us "Viens de la pluie mademoiselle !" 

Now I have to say, coming from New York, I thought these shouting women were telling us to move away from their store. If there is anything that annoys shop owners on the east coast - it is loitering in front of their place of business. You can barely use the bathroom on the Jersey shore in a pizzeria unless you buy a whole pie.

So naturally, we were preparing to find another space to keep us dry from the down pour.

When the women saw that we were walking away, they looked to each other and said "Americans?"

We smiled and one of the women said loudly in English "Come in from the rain Madame!"

They motioned for us to come into their...


6 Rituals For Blissful Mornings that Ignite Pleasure and Flow

garden home Oct 27, 2020

I used to study very successful people - I was curious about their lifestyle, habits, beliefs, and routines. I wanted to know how they remained focused, stayed productive and gave the world their "all".

The similarities amongst most were very consistent; waking up early, working out, and creating a to-do list that was a mile high.

I never asked or sought to find out if any of these MOGULS were happy.

Did they create a day that was centered around joy, or did they just create a day that set them up to perform?

I am not sure how it really worked for them but I have a confession to make about how it worked for me.

I followed what the 'successful' did, and it left me burned out, yearning for meaning and "working" for the wrong reasons.

BUT, over time, when I learned to approach my life from a place that sought happiness, fulfillment, pleasure and joy FIRST - I set myself free from success and discovered flow.

Today, I no longer ask myself how to become more productive or perform at a...


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