The 5 Things You Need To Do Before Starting Your Online Business

business Oct 27, 2020

Hey gorgeous!

Are you ready for an amazing week that lies ahead?

To start my week off right I decided to take a last minute drive up to the Hamptons to work from a quaint Greek restaurant that makes the BEST gyros and had lots of time in the car to listen to my favorite podcasts.

On my way up, I had a wave of inspiration and got thinking - after ten years in heart driven business and six online; what advice would I have for someone like you who is JUST getting started.

A lot of the women I support are overbooked and ready to stop trading hours for dollars by bringing their work online, or just have always had a knack for freedom - so I get asked this question fairly frequently.

But I never had the chance to share the answers with you.

So, are you thinking of launching you're teaching and training personal brand online so that you can finally stop the chase for clients, or leave that dreadful job.

Here is what you need to know to get started.

My TOP 5 For Online Success

Number One:

Before you launch this work stream, you have to be certain that you are willing to kick fear in the behind. Just like any traditional job, you are going to get feedback and that feedback is sometimes positive and other times you end up encountering a nasty online troll. 

Regardless of how the feedback comes in, you have to be comfortable with dropping the fear and showing up. Online hiding is a recipe for a failing business, so ridding yourself of the fear is step number one.


Number Two:

Know yourself and what you are good at. Moving from the role of coach, author, inspirational figure and thought leader is different than being an expert on a topic and being able to teach that topic to your ideal clients, customers, students and following.

When stepping into the online space, owning your expertise is super important.

What do you want to become an expert in?

What do you already know?


Number Three:

Have your business model worked through before you launch. I meet so many women who want to build a seven figure business teaching and training online, but when I look at their business model the pricing structure and offerings would never get them there.

Business planning can be agile, but make sure that your approach matches your goals.


Number Four:

Be ok with making mistakes.

This goes hand in hand with Number 1. Accepting critique and being forgiving of yourself is the golden rule to thriving online. Let's face it, you are going to make mistakes, and I encourage it - learning from them and staying in the game is what is going to spring board you to success each and every time.


Number Five:

Keep your eye on the prize.

There are lots of reasons the amazing women I support decide to build their business. For some it is to have a greater impact, for others it is to reach multiple six and seven figures (finally) and for the rest - FREEDOM has been calling their name.

Regardless of what your reason is - stay focused. You are a LEADER. You are going against the traditional grain, which means that if you don't surround yourself with people who get it and keep your eye on the prize - your dream will remain a dream.

And dreams don't work unless you do.


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