Your Post Pandemic Recovery Checklist

health travel May 06, 2021

Though I have loved the quietness and steadiness of my life in the past year, I like many of you, have felt the weight of not being able to travel, fear of illness, anxiety for loved ones, worry for businesses and so much more. We have been through it all and back again (together). But, thankfully, it is time for recovery; so I decided to take my FIRST flight in over a year to a place where I could feel white sand between my toes, fresh air and the soft sounds of swaying palm tree leaves. 

I closed my check out at a NYC cuban restaurant, snapped my fingers and was laying on a beach. My trip to Florida was breathtakingly serene and I want to share some tips with you on how you can start your post pandemic recovery journey. 

Are you ready? 


Take some time off to treat yourself

If you too, have been dreaming of blue skies and sunshine for far too long, this is your sign to go for it! Reconnect yourself with nature and listen to your soul’s desires. Even if it’s not planning a full-on vacation, set aside some time to yourself where you can forget about your work, family, and life responsibilities for just a moment. If you’ve been feeling like you’re being sucked into a monotonous and restless routine, break it up by taking yourself on a little date, go for a walk, and enjoy the guilt-free moment of being kind to yourself. 


Stay connected to your social circle and support system

Along with giving yourself time for relaxation and reflection, it is equally important to set aside time for friends and family. We are social creatures and the pandemic has certainly limited interactions with those we are about. As we head into a new post-pandemic world, there may be anxieties and worries regarding the transition back into social events, activities, and jobs. Know that you are not alone in feeling this way. Open up to those you trust and build a support system that works for you as we ease into a new normal.


Take care of your body

Create a sleep schedule and follow it. Make sure you are getting eight hours of sleep each night so you are waking up every morning feeling fully-rested and ready to start the day. Fuel your body with healthy and nutritional foods. It is scientifically proven that how you treat your body and what you put in it has dramatic effects on not only your physical health, but mental health as well. Provide your body with all the necessities to help it, help you be the brilliant and powerful woman that you are.


The pandemic has been especially taxing on mental health and it’s so important to make sure that you keep taking care of yourself and giving yourself the breaks your mind needs so that you can be on your A-game for all aspects in your life, during the pandemic and after it.

I am rooting for you love - let me know on insta how your post-pandemic recovery is going. We are in this together. 




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