Mar 26

Behind The Scenes of My 30 Day Detox And What It Did For My Business


Working from home as an Entrepreneur is amazingly freeing, but we all know that if you are not careful you could put on some unwanted weight - pretty quickly.

Sitting in front of the computer for hours, munching on crackers and sugary treats, reading your favorite novels in between client calls; for some, envisioning this might make you feel stir crazy, but for a quiet somewhat introverted gal like me, these last few years have been HEAVEN.


the unfortunate side is that all that goodness resulted in my gaining 15+ lbs over the last few years - which was on top of the weight I already had to lose (see pic below) and with the rise of Live Video, my confidence started to wain - which was not a good sign for my business or my bank account.


(Can you relate?)

...So I took action, and what I experienced brought me more benefits than just shedding a few pounds.

My experience might benefit you if you are a fellow woman entrepreneur who feels like "darn, I would have way more clients and success if I would just be more visible and lose a few extra pounds".

Your solution could be below.

In this post I am going to share with you what I did to launch my weight loss journey (which is still ongoing), the products I used and how you can keep your health high and your business booming while enjoying the freedom of working from your dining room table.

...Behind The Scenes of My 30 Day Detox And What It Did For My Business

To jump start any kind of weight loss, the first step to take is always a reduction or elimination of sugar. This reminder was what started the desire to detox for me. I knew I was addicted to white sugar and flour (and still am) but realized that if I wanted any chance at making a dent in my progress, I had to absolutely cut it out.

Which, YES,  resulted in headaches, shakiness and all kinds of "detox" symptoms in the first 3 days but somehow (barely) I pushed through.

I also have had my runs with being a vegan off and on for the past decade and against my "traditional doctors" orders have gone very long batches of time with no meat.

My body felt amazing during those periods.

My mind was clearer, I got my BEST ideas and I was overall happier;

I wanted to FEEL like that again.

So, for 30 days I decided to kick start this experience by going on a 100% vegan and gluten-free journey.

The end result:

  • 7 - 10 lbs down [without working out]

  • clearer skin

  • fuller hair

  • greater creativity

  • a five figure launch

  • and no need for deodorant because I smelled like plants ALL the time =) (TMI ?)

Here is what I used:

Time is a big factor for me.

Working from home does not mean NOT working. I enjoy my business - blogging for all of you, running my client programs, coaching and helping women get their businesses started -  so spending time running back and forth from whole foods all day to meal prep and cook from scratch was not an option.

Meal delivery seemed like the BEST and easiest option for me, SO I went to dr. google.

Surprisingly, Beyonce had a vegan program with semi ok reviews and then there were a few others but they included too many grains, SAKARA turned out to be the most attractive option, and it felt really chic - which I loved.




1. Everyday, I ate my Sakara meals (super simple) and on my 'off' days because I ordered the 5 day plan, ate purely fruits and vegetables (any kind I desired).

I felt amazing. 

It was like waking up and feeling for the first time in a long time.

My senses were heightened, the sun shining on my face in the morning felt new, my intuition was super grounded and my energy was magnetic. It is amazing what joy you can experience from making simple shifts in your lifestyle.

I asked SAKARA if they had any discounts for those of you that are going to ask me if I have a connect lol. Here is what they gave me: Click here and (Use code REF_SAFIYAHLOVE15 ) for 15% off. 

(That's the best I could do ladies).


2. I got back to ensuring that worship was a staple of my morning practice. When life gets a hold of us, especially when we wake up so excited about our work, we forget to pray and meditate. Bringing this back into my mornings (consistently) helped me to take the right kind of action that supported my launch.

Coupled with the food - every day I was on FIRE.

Here is my playlist that I created and use every day for my morning spiritual practice. Feel free to use, share or download.





3. I drank my water. 1/2 of my body weight in ounces every single day.

There are some pretty smart people who believe that water cures everything.

Do you have a headache? ======> Drink some water

Feeling dizzy? =======> Have some water

Gained 25 lbs =======> Drink your water

I think I might start listening to those people now.

Water was a game changer for me. I made it interesting with some of the "beauty tonics" and other goodies SAKARA sent my way. When I would forget to add my potion in the morning, I sliced some lemon and used it as a morning detox to my detox. It was delicious.


The water kept me feeling full, and helped me release some of the belly bloating I had been experiencing. Keep in mind however, that you will need to take frequent bathroom breaks to release the water weight.


4. Clean energy and releasing toxic relationships.

Call me crazy but I believed that my internal detox was also the perfect time for an external detox. For me this was changing how I showed up in my personal relationships while also giving myself permission to walk away from toxic people who I felt like were not adding positively to my life. This was a tough shift but interestingly enough once it happened I started attracting higher level clients. I guess they saw the glow and felt the shift.

My biggest motto is "be the kind of client you want to have" and that required me to make those relational changes.


5. Re-commit to self care.

As coaches, we talk soooo much about self care, but I am not sure we REALLY incorporate what that means.

Self care is more than hot baths and spa visits. Self care is in treasuring time with yourself and with others, it is about making a commitment to caring for and fueling your body daily.

Because of this detox I fell back in love with moving my body and have been regularly attending Soul Cycle (more on that in another post), going to YOGA several times a week, eating a 1/2 lb of green leafy vegetables every day, engaging in a consistent comprehensive spiritual morning practice and stepping more fully into being the woman who runs a business like the one I desire to run.

Transformation doesnt happen tomorrow, it is a result of putting one foot in front of the other.

Be patient with yourself and I hope that this post inspires you to kick start stepping into your BEST SELF in 2018.


Tell me what you think below.